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Strong sharing networks can help communities rebound from crises

(May 17, 2020) Of the top five countries in the world most at risk to disasters, three are Pacific Island nations. Yet, Pacific Islanders time and again exhibit marked abilities to quickly recover. Part of the reason may be due to strong social networks that help to distribute resources to those most in need. A new study published in the journal Coastal Management by researchers from the University of Hawaiʿi, National Geographic Society and the Wildlife Conservation Society has found that sharing is stronger ...


Besides Hot Water, Coral Bleaching Also About Location, Location, Location

(October 03, 2019) As conservationists grapple with unprecedented levels of coral reef bleaching in the world’s warming oceans, scientists in the Indian and Pacific Oceans used the most recent El Nino of 2016 (the warmest year on record) to evaluate the role of excess heat as the leading driver of coral bleaching. A study titled “Temperature patterns and mechanisms influencing coral bleaching during the 2016 El Niño” has revealed that coral bleaching is not only a result of heat stress but...