Our Mission

To preserve the functional integrity and resilience of Fiji's priority ecoscapes by integrating community-based adaptive management with science-based solutions in order to protect iconic species, maintain habitat connectivity and preserve livelihoods with the informed, active and sustainable support of local and national stakeholders.


Connected, resilient, ecoscapes that provide habitat for abundant and diverse species while sustaining natural resources, livelihoods and culture for Fijian communities. In order to communicate the value of EBM for Fiji, the program has adopted a slogan of: "Healthy people, processes and systems".


1. Fiji's cultural and natural heritage are mutually dependent. 

  •     Preservation and strengthening of traditional management strategies is essential for conservation of biodiversity.
  •     Preservation of iconic species is crucial to maintenance of cultural traditions.

2. Sustainable livelihoods rely on maintaining or restoring ecological processes and diversity across Fiji's ecoscapes.


By 2019, WCS-Fiji will have assisted a minimum of 11 districts across the priority ecoscapes (8 of which will be in Vanua Levu) to develop ecosystem based management plans for maintaining community stewardship of networks of protected areas spanning marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats. In addition, WCS-Fiji will work with traditional resource owners, partners and national government to maintain or increase populations of 10 iconic species across the priority ecoscapes. WCS-Fiji will help resolve 5 major conservation challenges at local to national levels including: climate change adaptation, interaction of human livelihoods and conservation, and biodiversity loss accelerated by non-native species. 

To learn more please click here to see the WCS Marine Program brochure.