March 19, 2017

ONE of the major reasons why women withheld their participation in Mud Crab fishing was because of the impact Tropical Cyclone Winston had on their environment and lives.

This was highlighted by Tarusila Veibi of the Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) who heads the mud crab fishery in Bua.

"For the communities in Bua, it was severe damage for them, especially for the women from the Eastern part of Bua where there was great damage done to the mangroves," Ms Veibi said.

"These women were the ones who soon after TC Winston stopped fishing for mud crabs."

According to Ms Veibi, 16 villages were covered by the FLMMA under the mud crab fishery scheme. 

"The women in these areas knew what to do and we are just there to set up a system and monitor them."

Ms Veibi said the women in Bua approached them on the possibility of setting up hatcheries for the mud crabs.

"After their approach, we advised them on the project in Navua and how all the basics and fundamentals needed to finalised before setting up.

"They are still recovering from the impact of TC Winston and once the ecosystem gets back to normal, we will again approach them for the hatcheries."

 Source: Fiji Times Online

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